Kings of Past is a leading purveyor of original, unused, branded vintage eyewear from Iconic labels such as Alain Mikli, Cazal, Christian Dior, Dunhill, Emmanuelle Khanh, Persol, Rayban and Versace. The principals of Kings of Past, Musadik Rajani and Tony Trichilo, have spent their entire lives in the eyewear industry and developed a passion for collecting rare vintage pieces which lead to the development of the current company. It takes a life-time of dedication and knowledge to source eyewear that is over 30 years old but still brand new. Each frame is carefully selected and undergoes a rigorous quality inspection process to ensure the integrity of the material, hinges, lenses and alignment.

King of Past is currently available in select boutiques in Canada, the US, France, Japan, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Israel, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, and has gained media acclaim in papers like the LA Times, Huffington Post, Vogue, and the Toronto Star.


Yes unused vintage. Yes we mean it has never been used. No it's not used and then we refurbish it. IT IS UNUSED!

Our products are ALL 100% authentic, original and unused. We don't scour fleamarkets and ebay for our inventory. Our products come from old factories, design houses and distributors. Somtimes we hold onto products for years before releasing them. This is our commitment to our passion.


This is what everyone wants to know! Above all our secret is our passion for fashion and eyewear. We are eyewear people. Raised in the eyewear trade, we have an unwavering commitment to protect and promote, the product that we love. We travel the world (literally) seeking old factories, manufacturers, design houses, and distributors. Next we go through old deadstock inventory piece by piece. Our slection is then shipped back to our headoffice where the inspection process begins. Once a frame has passed our quality inspection process, it gets added to our stock availability. And that's how we make thousands of people very happy!



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